Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fishing Trip!

Labor Day Weekend James and I decided to head up to Cokeville and go fishing. We spent the few days fishing, hanging out with family, running around on the ranch, sleeping out at the cabin, playing in the river, getting raspberry milkshakes by Bear Lake, playing scrabble, and having a blast. It was a great weekend. James taught me how to fish but the student then passed the teacher. Haha, he must just be a great teacher.

First Day of School!

Our first day of school as a married couple. (August 30, 2010)

Our First Apartment Together!

We are slowly but surely getting our apartment set up. It has been so fun to set up house. We finally just got a table but no chairs yet so we will continue to have picnics on our living room floor until our chairs come this next week.


James and I went to Midway/Park City, Utah on our honeymoon. We had so much fun eating out, going down the alpine slide, golfing, swimming, sleeping in, playing monopoly deal, hiking, going shopping, riding rollercoasters, and watching movies. It was such a fun week. I love my husband so much! He is awesome and so fun to be with.

Cokeville and Denver Reception

We had two beautiful receptions. One in Cokeville, Wyoming and one in Denver, Colorado. It was so fun to see all of our friends. Thank you to everyone who came and supported us. Most of all thank you to our parents and for all those who helped. Thank you for all your hard work in putting these beautiful parties together. We love you!


We're Married! We can't believe it! It finally happened after all the planning the day finally came. On August 6, 2010 James and I were married in the Salt Lake City, Utah Temple. We couldn't have asked for a better day. The weather was beautiful and everything seemed to go as planned. It was just a fun day with all of our closest family and friends there with us at the temple. After the taking pictures we had a delicious luncheon up at Trevi Towers and had fun being with family and friends. We then had an open house later that night. It was such a fun day. It meant the world to us to have all our family and friends come and support us on our special day. Thank you to all those who came and here are some of the pictures that everyone has been asking us for.